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Samsung Viewfinity S9 5K display launched

Samsung Viewfinity S9 5K display launched

Samsung Viewfinity S9

Samsung has launched a new 5K screen in Korea, the Samsung Viewfinity S9, the device comes with a 27-inch screen and features a 5K resolution of 5120 x 2880 pixels and has 218 ppi (pixels per inch).

Samsung Electronics introduced the ‘Viewfinity S8 (S80PB)’ ultra-high-definition monitor to content creators in June last year, and this time, it launched the 5K Viewfinity S9 ultra-high-definition monitor, boosting its high-resolution monitor lineup and actively targeting the market.

In particular, this product is equipped with the “smart calibration” function for the first time in the display, which allows you to adjust the color and brightness of the screen to the desired value using a smartphone. Through this, users can create their preferred working environment at any time without purchasing expensive calibration equipment separately.

Smart Calibration implements the “SmartThings” application and directs the smartphone’s camera to the center of the Viewfinity S9 display. Depending on the setting mode, color temperature and color gamut parameters as well as brightness and gamma values ​​are selected to precisely match the color desired by the user. can be set to

You can find out more information about the new Samsung Viewfinity S9 5K screen on the Samsung website at the link below, and the device is available for pre-order from today in Korea and will go on sale on July 3rd.

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