New Microsoft 365 Project and Planner features

    New Microsoft 365 Project Planner features

    Microsoft Project and Planner tools Constantly evolving to meet the changing needs of managing projects in a global and distributed work environment. With a host of new features and improvements on the horizon, users can look forward to greater efficiency and collaboration Project management expertise.

    Microsoft Project and Planner tools are designed to adapt to the changing nature of work. As work becomes increasingly global and distributed, the need for collaboration has never been more important. These tools are designed to accommodate this shift, integrating all tasks and plans into the Tasks app in Teams. This integration has led to a significant increase in the number of active users, demonstrating the effectiveness of this approach.

    Microsoft 365 Project and Planner

    The Planner tool, in particular, has been the beneficiary of continuous improvements. Features such as My Day, flagged messages, grid view, recurring tasks, and rich text have been added to make task management more efficient and user-friendly. In the near future, the Planner tool will be able to capture all tasks created during team meetings, and will include the Planner Loop Component, allowing plans to be hosted anywhere within the Microsoft 365 ecosystem.

    The project tool is being improved to help with coordination and clarity in global teams. New features such as conversations, notifications, and activity feeds have been introduced, and the task history capability is on the horizon. This feature will provide a comprehensive view of task progress, promoting transparency and accountability within teams.

    Agile and Waterfall methodologies

    One of the most notable improvements in the project tool is the integration of Agile and Waterfall methodologies. This combination introduces features such as Kanban boards, sprints, backlogs, and people workload views, catering to different project management styles. In addition, new templates have been introduced to simplify the process of starting a new project.

    Microsoft has also developed a system for users to easily experience Project and share it with their colleagues. This system gives IT professionals complete control over the trial process, ensuring a smooth and secure experience for all users.

    complex projects

    In an effort to meet the needs of larger and more complex projects, Microsoft is adding features to projects that aim to help Planner users grow in skills and maturity. This is part of Microsoft’s strategy to bridge the professional project manager gap, providing users with the tools they need to manage complex projects effectively.

    In the upcoming spring release, Microsoft plans to introduce features that will enable the management of organizational goals and the alignment of projects with these goals. Projects and plans will be able to connect to targets in the Viva targets, and progress can be reported, providing a comprehensive view of organizational performance.

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