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Intel NUC mini PCs discontinued

Intel NUC mini PCs discontinued

Intel NUC mini PCs discontinued

Intel recently announced that it will stop developing any future generations of the NUC. While this news may come as a shock to some, it is important to note that it will not affect the launch of the NUC-13 generation, which includes the highly anticipated Raptor-Lake and Alder-Lake processors.

With the NUC-13 set to be the last of its kind, Intel is clearly focusing its efforts on other areas of innovation and development. However, this does not mean that Intel is completely abandoning the mini PC market. In fact, they are likely to continue to explore new and exciting ways to enhance their existing products and services. As such, we can expect to see more exciting developments from Intel in the near future, albeit in different product lines or categories.

Intel NUC mini PCs

NUCs, or the Next Unit of Computing, were generally well-designed small computer systems that provided a compact and efficient computing solution. Despite its small size, it packs a punch when it comes to performance. However, while it was a great option for those who need a powerful and portable device, it came with a somewhat hefty price tag.

Despite this, many people found the investment worth it, as the new urban communities offered a high level of customization and flexibility that other minicomputers could not match. Intel has sent an official statement to HardwareLuxx:

“We have decided to discontinue direct investment in the next unit of the computing business (NUC) and position our pivotal strategy to enable our ecosystem partners to continue to innovate and grow at NUC. This decision will not affect the rest of the Intel Computing Group (CCG) or Network and Edge Computing (NEX) companies. Furthermore, we are working with our partners and customers to ensure a smooth transition and meet all of our existing commitments – including continued support for NUC products currently on the market.”

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