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Beats Studio Pro review (video)

Beats Studio Pro review (video)

Beats Studio Pro

The new Beats Studio Pro headphones were officially released last week, the headphones retail for $350 and come with some great features, now we can find out more details about the headphones.

The video below from Marques Brownlee gives us a look at these new Beats headphones and how they compare to Apple AirPods Max which cost $200 more than Beats headphones.

Since both headphones are made by Apple, it’s interesting to see how the Beats Studio Pro compares to Apple’s high-end headphones. Obviously, the Beats headphones don’t have the same features as the AirPods Max, but they do come with a lot of Apple tech inside.

At the touch of a button, two dynamic listening modes let you choose whether to keep the world at bay or let it in. Fully Adaptive Active Noise Cancellation (ANC) monitors the noise around you in real time, then creates a finely tuned filter to cancel it out. Easily switch to transparency mode to allow the sounds of your environment to blend seamlessly with your music when you want to stay present and aware.

Beats Studio Pro delivers surround sound that you can take anywhere. With dynamic head tracking, advanced built-in sensors create an interactive experience, so you can get lost in the theater-like audio of your favorite content.

Source and image credit: Marquis Brownlee

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