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AMD Versal Premium VP1902 adaptive system on a chip (SoC)

AMD Versal Premium VP1902 adaptive system on a chip (SoC)

AMD Versal adaptive system-on-chip SoC

In a recent announcement, AMD unveiled Versal Premium VP1902 Scalable System On Chip (SoC), which proudly holds the title of being the largest adaptive SoC in the world. The VP1902 Adaptive SoC is a simulation-class device that uses a custom chip-based design to simplify the verification of even the most complex semiconductor designs.

The VP1902’s main appeal lies in its improved capability, offering twice the capability of its predecessor. This feature ensures that designers can innovate and validate application-specific integrated circuits (ASICs) and SoC designs, promoting rapid market entry for upcoming technologies. the AMD Versal Premium VP1902 Adaptive Chipset Processor It’s set to begin sampling in the third quarter for early access customers, with full production expected in the first half of 2024.

AMD Versal adaptive system-on-chip SoC

“Delivering foundational computing technology to enable our customers is a top priority. In simulation and prototyping, this means delivering the highest possible capacity and performance,” said Kirk Saban, corporate vice president, Product, Software and Solution Marketing, Adaptive and Embedded Computing Group, AMD. “Chip designers can confidently simulate and model next-generation products with the VP1902 adaptive SoC, accelerating tomorrow’s innovations in AI, autonomous vehicles, Industry 5.0, and other emerging technologies.”

For more information about the new Adaptive System on Chip (SoC), go to the official AMD website by following the link below.

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